Marius Pârjol, president of ACS Ambassadors of Hope – „We want to enjoy physical exercise!”

*Working together for an inclusive Europe.

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The Timisoara club is one of the 15 clubs that are part of the “Leaders through Sports – The Advocacy Programme for People with Intellectual Disabilities” project. The name Ambassadors of Hope comes from the team of sports champions formed in the Hope Empowerment Foundation in 2014, when physiotherapist Marius Parjol, today president of ACS Ambassadors of Hope, observed how children evolved thanks to the movement in the water and slowly moved from therapeutic swimming to performance swimming.

A few words about the club from Marius Parjol himself: “ACS Ambassadors of Hope aims to be a club where all children and adults with disabilities can discover their abilities through sports! Ambassadors of Hope means more than just sports activities, it is a place close to our heart where we support and meet their needs.
We aim to try as many sports as possible, to discover and enjoy every movement. The founding members of the Club come from academia, the Faculty of Sports and the Hope Empowerment Foundation, an NGO with 30 years of experience in the inclusion of children with disabilities. For the past few years, we have also turned our attention towards adults with disabilities from the community who have previously lived in state-run residential centres.
With the help of volunteers, we aim for as many events and collaborations as possible with other sports clubs, projects and partnerships.
The movement within the club goes beyond performance, i.e. it goes where we need to feel good about ourselves, those around us and the community. We want an open sports club that wants to grow with its members. Openness is also about the community, we believe that the integration of these children and young people should be achieved through joint, adapted sports activities.
We want to collaborate with central and local authorities, schools, sports clubs, community foundations.

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